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Details for New Skyrim DLC

By Merc16-11-2012

I have the firm opinion that more Skyrim is not a bad thing, and Bethesda thankfully thinks the same thing. There is no PC release date yet for Dragonborn, but it should not be long after the 360 version on December 4th.

Dragonborn will have you traveling to Solstheim which is on the continent of Morrowind. There will be new quests, towns, and dungeons. The atmosphere is gray and bleak, certainly a departure from the snow covered mountains of Skyrim.

A popular request was to let players ride dragons, well your wish has been granted! Players will be able to use shouts that will tame a dragon allowing it to be mounted. There will be other new shouts such as dragon aspect which makes your character stronger and deal out higher damage. During the new adventure you will travel to the Daedric Realm and will learn “Dark Powers”. You will come in contact with the Dark Elven inhabitants of the island, but details are vague on who they are. Of course there will be new weapons and armor such as Chitin and Bonemold armour. The new enemies will be Ash Spawn and Rieklings which are a departure from Skyrims enemies.

Check out this Dragonborn trailer to see it for yourself.

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