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Destroy the Death Star with Oculus Rift

By MrJenssen29-09-2013

Oculus Rift is awesome. I wrote an article in two parts about how cool it is. That is how cool it is. Now, through the magic of dedication, and the Unity engine, you can experience the trench run from the very first Star Wars, all over again! But even better this time! Only if you actually own a pair of the Oculus devkit goggles, of course.

Now, I have no clue where the hell this demo is available for download - my world-class Googling skills have yet to prove powerful enough this time around. Otherwise, I would totally have given you guys a link to it. For now, you're just going to have to enjoy the video embedded above and imagine yourself playing it. Either that, or... just go watch A New Hope.

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This is brilliant!

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Use the Force Fr33

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I must have this! I will not rest until it is mine!