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Destiny Not Destined For PC

By NeonAnderson21-06-2013

Bungie has discussed the release of Destiny for PC in an interview with GameSpot. It reveals some "painful" news for PC gamers.

While Bungie does say they want Destiny to be on as many platforms as possible, they also say that there is currently not even a plan to have Destiny ported for PC. This is indeed some sad and painful news for those who wanted to play it on PC. This is odd as Bungie previously had a PC version on their website, as spotted by Gamespot.

Despite the current avoidance to respond more clearly about the future of Destiny on PC, there still is a possibility that if Destiny is a success on the consoles then the developers will decide to port it of PC.

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Posts: 3290

Well, yeah. But it's the principle of the thing

Posts: 237

Fine. I shall put that money to better use. Your loss Bungie.

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Neh, it looked okay, but I don't really care too much.

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Come on guys. Not you as well -.-