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Destiny Goes To The Moon!

By JcDent02-10-2013

Destiny is the much touted super duper mega awesome sci-fi FPS with co-op by Bungie, the makers of Halo, Marathon and a few other games. Currently it looks like 'Borderlands: Earth' and the premise – multitudes of aliens reduced humans to a single city on Earth, which was saved by the sacrifice of a massive alien Traveller – looked so promising.

Case in point: the moon. A place where at least some of the aliens waited to attack and wipe out more humans. This is very close to the plot of the most stupid of Transformers movies (in a series of astoundingly, defiantly stupid movies) and is silly no matter how you take it. Either these aliens took their chance at the same time as the other aliens, or all the aliens on Earth came from the moon. See? Stupid.

Anyways, here's some moon gameplay footage and boy is it disappointing. Remember all the pretty alien vistas and colouful Xenos in early artwork? Nothing of that is found here: everything looks grey and POV players are constantly in fits of stupid to allow vaguely Collector looking aliens to come to melee range. Oh, and tunnel after tunnel of narrow grey passages, then there's a raid boss at the end. Yes, the mysterious moon seems to be one long (but not too long, knowing devs these days) raid, just like a "dungeon" in Borderlands.

Way to get our hopes up, Bungie.

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Posts: 166

Just keep away from the dark side of the moon, there could be a transformer lurking over there.

Posts: 297

Could be more to it, could be other planets or other parts of the moon....but that is very doubtful.