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Desktop-Level GTX 980 Powered Laptops

By NAG3LT25-09-2015

Usually, laptops are not a good choice for gaming when you want to play demanding game. Even if you get a laptop with an impressive high end GPU, the M or Mobile in its name often means a half or less performance compared to a similarly named desktop offering. Now, there is a different beast incoming – a full laptop version of Nvidia GTX 980. As it is at least 40% more powerful than 980M, it is a nice boost for people who want the best laptop performance at any price.

So far, there are six laptops announced with GTX 980, all with G-SYNC displays and they all seem to be at least 17" in size:

• Auros X7 DT
• Clevo P775DM
• Clevo P870DM
• Asus GX700 (Liquid-cooled)
• MSI GT72
• MSI GT80

The pricing is not yet known, but do not expect them to be cheap or light.


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