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Descending into Darkness

By eremeticskeptic15-04-2014

For fans of d20 based tabletop gaming, video games based on the beloved systems are hit and miss. There are plenty of people that enjoy Dungeons and Dragons Online, the direct spinoff of the quintessential tabletop game, while others loathe it. The only game to really have done it right by a large consensus is Neverwinter Nights, but there are still some people that dissent about that. The long and short of this parable, I suppose, is that tabletop gamers are even worse at being picky little babies about their games than video gamers, as a general rule. However, when something seems like it’d be a hit rather than a miss and gets cancelled, it’s, well, it’s a bummer.

World of Darkness was supposed to be an MMO based on the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop game. I personally have the DM guide for Vampire: The Masquerade, and have enjoyed quite a few games with friends with it (though, to be perfectly honest, I vastly prefer Pathfinder and D&D to anything vampire related, and those games were really enhanced with the tactical application of alcoholic beverages). When World of Darkness was first announced, it looked exciting, detailed, and gorgeous. There weren’t many details about the game released, except for the fact that it was going to emulate DayZ and Rust in some aspects, as well as some artwork.

Well, World of Darkness has been cancelled. No progress was ever really made on the game, and CCP has moved on already to focus on more games with the Eve universe, instead of branching out. Kind of sad, but really, you could have seen it coming from a mile away, especially since the game stayed in pre-development forever.

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I bet EVE fans are having a party right now :D