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Descend into the Uncanny Valley

By 97130-04-2014

A horror game with a retro feel. Uncanny Valley aims to prove that you don't need big budget, fancy graphics and effects to scare someone, just the right set up.

“Uncanny Valley is a survival horror game, focusing on a bone chilling story, exploration and heart pounding action.” 

Another game in the nostalgia craze that brings back the classic 16bit visuals of 2D survival horror rarely seen in over 10 years, Uncanny Valley brings an updated classic look to modern audiences. Your name is Tom, and you are a security guard for a facility in the mountains. It’s the night shift and you get a little bored so you take a look around. You soon find yourself in the wrong place and see things that cannot be unseen. 

According to developers at Cowardly Creations, survival isn't the main aspect of the game, there will only be some parts in the game where your life is in genuine danger. But they have added a consequence system that will make the game darker, more nerve wracking, and have deep impact on the gameplay and storyline should you fail to do something. Their reasoning behind this is that it isn't scary if you keep dying and redoing parts of the game again and again, it becomes frustrating and you soon start rushing through it. The main core of the game instead is exploring to discover the story, achieving this through solving puzzles 'and a bit of action'. 

The game has currently raised €220 in its €5,000 goal since starting its Indiegogo campaign two days ago. While it may still be early, this game shows a lot of promise.

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Looks too scary for my taste.