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Deploying the Latest Armour

By Toast17-07-2013

Bohemia Interactive have just released a new patch for the ARMA 3 Beta which includes a few changes and 2 brand new vehicles for you. They are the BTR-K Kamysh and IFV-6c Panther, now you can either control or destroy them in the battlefield, the choice is yours soldier! You can check both of them out in action in the video above thanks to YouTube user JagroH. The list of additions and changes read as follows:

• Added: BTR-K Kamysh tracked IFV

• Added: IFV-6c Panther tracked IFV

• Known issue: Freelook and TrackIR are broken (WIP)

• Fixed: Broken parallax mapping on the terrain in some places

• Sprinting left and right while standing allows for quick drop to adjusted left and right urban prone positions (use prone key while sprinting sideways).

• Adjusted poses received boost to fluency.

• Mk.20 should now show correct strings

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