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Democratic Values coming to a Tamriel near you

By drcoolio34509-05-2015

After a less than brilliant launch and several massive improvement patches, Elder Scrolls Online is back with another trailer telling us all about the expansive world that Bethesda has crafted.

Race, class, equipment, perks, weapons, and dozens of other features are totally up to your discretion in ESO. Want to be a Wizard that forgoes his arcane arts and punches people in the face while wearing full plate armor? Because you can do that (and you're my hero if you do). Not only that, but becoming a vampire is a possibility now, as well as a Skyrim-style late game with upgradable perks constantly enhancing your character.

In the past, ESO hasn't received great reviews, but after the amount of love/patches that its received since it's been out it has dramatically improved. Not saying that it's the best game ever, but if you didn't like it at first, maybe now is the time to give it another try is all.

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