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Delaybow Siege

By Bobfish19-08-2015

Those of you waiting to get your hands on the latest in the Rainbow Six franchise are going to have to learn a wee bit more patience. As stated in the latest Ubiblog, Siege is being delayed until December 1st in all regions. The given reason for this is Ubisoft's commitment, as gamers, to provide the best game possible, with the highest level of quality. Which is freaking hilarious given their performance in recent years. But I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. They received one hell of a backlash after Unity, and they're not likely to forget that in a hurry.

It's also worth noting, though it may be a side game built with older tech in mind, they did a superb job of optimising Assassin's Creed Rogue. So maybe they really are learning that we'd rather have a late game that's awesome, than a timely one that's broken all to shit. Which it is, the beta testing will begin on schedule come September 24th. Though no date, as yet, on a publi beta, or even if one is going to take place.

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