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Defy the Crown, Defy Overexposure

By Bobfish15-10-2013

Another day, yet another Black Flag video. Why should you be excited about this one you ask? Good question actually, they are going a little OTT with it. But, well, this one actually has new stuff in it. Plot details no less. So yes, 'tis worth your time me hearties. Very much so in fact, as it reveals far more than a cursory glance may suggest. Or, at the very least, hints at a lot more.

It seems Cap'n Kenway may in fact stumble across the assassin brotherhood entirely by chance. I could be wrong of course, it's always dangerous theorising from snippets of loosely connected images, but it looks like Edward literally finds his way into the brotherhood. I mean, he's clearly seen just picking some assassin robes up off the floor. Perhaps something unearthed during one of his treasrure hunts? That...would actually be a really interesting way to set him on his path. Well, just three more weeks and the console peons can find out. Me, well, I'll be waiting for the PC release of course.

Waiting most impatiently!

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Posts: 341

Crappy spinoff where the ships got double V8 engines and shitty destruction, if Pirates! could do it why cant this..

Posts: 3290

Then go play them!

You have time!


Posts: 297

I still need to play all the others =P

Posts: 3290

Tell me about it!

Every time I see a new video I'm like "urgh" then I watch it and I'm like


Posts: 1548

Damn, now I really want this! :(