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Defy Expectations, Defy Belief

By Bobfish11-09-2013

Okay, Ubisoft are just showing off now. Remember that really impressive, not even two minutes long, live action Black Flag trailer they showed off at GamesCom? Well it only took them a bajillion years to make it! Okay, six weeks, but shh, it was a lot of work for our benefit. The Assassin's Creed Revelations (hehe) are twofold in the above video. First is the sheer volume of people and work involved in making such a trailer. The second is the even greater volume of capital Ubisoft have at their disposal these days.

Stuff like this does not come cheap. And it is quite clear that there is nothing cheap about what they are doing. Insurance alone must have cost them a fortune. Having so many people running around in the middle of a freaking exploding building isn't something to take lightly. It really drives home to you just how seriously Ubisoft take their work.

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It is a tad on the excessive side

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Sooooo much money...