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Defenestrated, Murdered, Buried & Limited

By BloodyFanGirl21-03-2014

All Games Beta have unearthed a bunch of Murdered: Soul Suspect goodies, including new concept art, a new trailer and news of a special edition release. Check out our gallery and the trailer above.

The trailer focuses a bit more on the girl we've previously seen before in other trailers, Joy. It's heavily implied that Joy and protagonist Ronan are strongly linked though it's not completely clear why yet, beyond the fact that she knows something about his murder. The Mark of Salem makes reappearances throughout this newest trailer too.

The limited edition release of the game will include a journal full of clues about the murders within the game as well as a 'digital strategy map'. The limited edition of the game will be available alongside the regular edition on the 6th of June, on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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