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E3: Decisions & Consequences

By Bobfish07-06-2014

We're starting out E3 coverage a little early here at Pixel Judge, but we are far from the only ones. Eager to prove that he, as always, is one step ahead of the competition, dear old Holmes is here with some musings on his latest cases. The video itself shows little in the way of gameplay, but everything is clearly generated with the in game engine and I gotta' say, it looks pretty tasty. That leap to the Unreal engine is really showing its advantages now eh? The actual content is far more tonally important however, seeming to focus on the potential, much alluded to, that you can completely screw up a case and reach completely the wrong conclusions. The young lad, who has featured so heavily in previous coverage, taking a bullet to the face is certainly something that has not even been remotely hinted at in previous trailers and such so...

The lack of gameplay is a tad disappointing, but Focus are here to offset that with a little bonus. Pre-order the game, which is now set for release in Septermber of this year, and you will net yourself a copy of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes as well. The wait has certainly been one of the more lengthy in recent memeory. At least for a game that has had such consistent coverage. But it is finally coming to a close, these are the last days, so to speak. And I don't know about you, but I am keen to test my skills of detection. Elementary really.

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