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Decade Dormant, the Legacy Returns

By Azeebo25-01-2014

The Might and Magic series is synonymous with turn based strategy, city building, and army management in a fantasy world. I mean, there has been 6 titles in recent years that would lead you to believe this. However, Might and Magic has its roots firmly set in the classic first person RPG genre (ala Legends of Grimrock). So much so, there has been 9 games under its name. As of today however, after 10 long years, the 10th instalment: Legacy, hits the market.

M&MX:L has you creating a part of 4 heroes from a selection of classes, and tasks you with exploring the world and saving the Agyn Peninsula. A proper old fashioned RPG set up that paves the way to epic adventures.

Legacy has been a part of Steams Early Access programme for quite some time, and with the help of a passionate M&M community, have moulded the game into what appears to be the next generation of this venerable series. To celebrate this collaboration between developer and community, Limbic Entertainment have released a new trailer which shows off the stunning engine. We here at Pixel Judge are rather excited to get our grubby mitts on it.

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