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Death to Treyarch! Death to BlOps 2 Changes!

By NeonAnderson26-07-2013

Gather your e-pitchforks people and rally at the official Treyarch forums, it is time to let Treyarch hear our demands, hear our pain, hear our agony, they have done terrible things to our precious Call of Duty! They have... wait, this isn't right? All they have done is slightly balance 3 multiplayer guns? Who gave me this script! Where is the producer? I want to talk to the Producer!

Yes... it seems the internet has gone completely crazy, or rather the Call of Duty fan base has... Treyarch recently released a small patch that improves stability while pressing buttons during a theatre mode screenshot, as well as fix access to unintended areas on the Tramble Steam and Elevator in Die Rise. Oh and here is what has gotten the Call of Duty community into a row, they slightly nerfed 3 guns... big deal right?

Well apparently, the hardly noticeable changes to the AN-94, DSR 50 and Ballista have been cause for some bad community members to threaten the developers' lives! Yes, because of microsecond changes to fire rate, reload times and such of these 3 guns, some Black Ops 2 players have taken it upon themselves to make death threats to Treyarch. This is perhaps the most ridiculous news piece I have ever written and thus why it was done in this style/tone. As it is just far too ridiculous to even believe.

As one would expect, Treyarch is pretty shocked by all this as well and have posted on the forums and official developer blogs that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and the developers will keep making balance changes to Call of Duty games, they always have, and always will. David Vonderhaar wrote on Twitter "Not sure these fractions of seconds are worth the threats of violence." He also explained that Guns have power bands and learning curves, over time these both change. Basically meaning that as the community gets more skilled with different guns, some guns have to be re-balanced to maintain the game's balance between the guns.

So yeah, anyone who was a part of these bad community members should really get themselves checked out, seriously... if they get worked up about microscopic balance changes to 3 guns in Call of Duty, then how will they ever deal with a real-life problem is beyond me.

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Posts: 228

Well, once you consider that most shootouts last a second or two in CoD Blops 2, then this becomes a thing.

Posts: 596

Its madness and I feel sorry for the people complaining about this patch, they need a life... like seriously...

As South Park would say "How to kill that, which has no life"

Posts: 3290

Dude, that's just sad