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Death Inc. - The Smell Of Success And Decay

By Vexytube07-02-2013

Death Inc. is being produced by some of the minds behind LittleBigPlanet, Fable,  SimCity and aims to reinvent the terrible Bubonic Plague that struck merry old England in the 17th century. The player will be in charge of locating and infecting helpless humans with hordes of zombie type creatures. The control mechanics seem very intuitive because you "paint" the routes for your units to follow instead of spam clicking different units like in modern day RTS games

The video shows us their thought process for developing levels and not all of the humans want to stand by and be infected, one example is the bowmen who at range will cause lethal damage to your horde of infected however once you get near them, it's quite clear they lack military training and try to run away. Overall what's shown during the video is still early gameplay for which is subject to change, but it looks pretty tight already!

I will be putting Death Inc. on my "Games To Watch" list because they're really trying to create a fun game with unique mechanics and to make things even better the development team has previous experience with AAA game development!

Currently Death Inc. needs funding via Kickstarter because it's quite early within its development cycle!

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Posts: 241

Yeah the art looks great, they have some more polished visuals on their Kickstarter page http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/229423802/death-inc/posts/400975

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This looks very good. The art style is just superb. Wish I had money to spare :(