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Death Inc. Implements Molyneuxs Support

By Fr33Lanc3r.00727-02-2013

If you haven't heard of Death Inc. you probably should have. It's currently in its last days on Kickstarter, with over £200,000 left to raise. Which is a shame, as a video interview with Peter Molyneux - and others - points out, with Molyneux saying 'I've played the Demo, and met the team...and if this project doesn't make it, it's just not fair, it's just not right", and later mentioning that he himself has pledged money to the project.

Death, Inc. is a nice little RTS, from the short Demo that I've played - which you can download here - the controls are easy to use, the gameplay is tight, and the setting is wonderfully seeped in British humor. I'd personally like to see it succeed, and if you're in the same boat, please consider throwing it some money.

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Im sorry but I dont take Peter that seriously these days. Fable 1? AMAZING Fable 2? HELLS YEH everything else? yeh nah just stop