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Death By Tiger in Far Cry 3

By Leigh Cobb27-09-2012

Excited for Far Cry 3? Then give this new trailer a watch and hype yourself up for a gruesome death at the hands of tigers, or paws, whatever. I also can't help but notice just how many psychopaths Far Cry 3 has in abundance, always with the killing and the not killing and the plot exposition. They are like Bond villains, capturing the hero and then stroking their own ego long enough for you to escape.

Anyway, the game itself is a pretty one, very colourful. There also seems to be a good focus on the plot this time around, which is nice. I just can't wait to get exploring that island. Hopefully the villains and characters don't get annoying, maybe it's just me but I keep getting irritated by Vaas and, despite how badass the developers are trying to portray him, just how incompetent he seems to be at killing the player. Give the trailer a watch! There's no dubstep!

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