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Death Arrives In March, With Bounty

By MrJenssen19-09-2013

Dark Souls 2 has gotten a new gameplay trailer, and at the end of it, the release date for the PS3 and X360 is finally teased. It's March 11 if you live in North-America, and March 14 if you are a fellow European. However, as Eurogamer reports, the PC version is held back a little longer.

"Our goal is to release the PC version in the same window. For the PC version we're simply saying March - we're trying our best for PC and console. The reason we can't announce the specific date is we're working on more options on how to make the PC version optimal."

Let's hope they find the best solution, so that we don't have to endure Dark Souls all over again. No pun intended.

In addition to the regular disc-based and Steam release, you'll also be able to get your hands on a fancy collector's edition that includes a soundtrack, an art book, a cloth map and a 30cm figurine. Fancy!

If the gameplay trailer above does not whet your appetite, then perhaps these screenshots below will.

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Posts: 341

Dark Souls > every other game, even though it was a shoddy port to PC.

It wont be GOTY 2014 though, cause cod kids cant use their brain, and thus find it too hard.

It really isnt that hard though, it just requires some thought.

Posts: 3290


Posts: 341

GOTY 2014.

Posts: 3290

The extra time they're taking bodes well in my eyes. Suggests they're going to actually work on it, instead of just throw the code at a raccoon.

Or they're going to add a fuckton of DRM

Posts: 1317

I remain skeptical, but if they can nail the port-work, then I am definitely in.

Posts: 237

Not really a fan of the system that replaced the DS humanity system.. but we will see. Im really waiting for this game! :D