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Dear Assassins, It is Time To Introduce Edward Kenway

By MrJenssen22-10-2013

Check out the launch trailer for the upcoming Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. If you're one of the sodding land crabs who still play on a filthy old console, you'll have the pleasure of playing Black Flag already a week from now. However, if you're part of our superior race, you still have plenty of time to figure out whether or not to spend your money on it, as it releases on November 22 for us PC gamers here in Europe.

With that said, aren't launch trailers supposed to come, you know, at launch? Even for console peasants, it's still a week early. Well, it still doesn't beat CoD: Ghosts' launch trailer which aired a full two weeks before its launch.

But enough about generic shooters, what do you think about this new trailer, embedded above? Will Ubisoft be making enough changes and improvements over AC3 to make it feel fresh? Or is this franchise of yearly iterations about to go the way of the dodo and Guitar Hero?

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This marketing stuff works. I really want the game...