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Deadly Port

By BloodyFanGirl31-10-2013

'Tis the season for scary games! And cult classic Deadly Premonition certainly had a few scares on the console. Now it seems that the PC port is scary for a whole bunch of other reasons.

The 'Director's Cut', PC port version of the game apparently has a number of issues. These include a bizarre lack of gamepad support, resolution stuck at 1280×720 and some players are unable to play beyond the start of the second chapter of the game. These problems have led to the game's lead designer, Hidetaka 'Swery65' Suehiro, issuing an apology via his Twitter.

"To all the fans of Deadly Premonition. As usual, The steam version evaluation seems to be polarizing. Sorry it is seems to give some unsatisfied. I'm embarrassed that problem give you big disappointment. Anyway, thank you. Please enjoy. I love you all!"

...I'm not sure about you but that apology didn't appear to imply that a patch is immediately forthcoming. That said the very same gracious gent that issued a fix for the PC port of Dark Souls has now given this version of Deadly Premonition similar treatment. You can at least download a fix for the resolution issue here.

If you're still interested in playing Deadly Premonition on the PC, warts and all, you can buy the game at a slightly discounted price until November 1st on Steam as part of their Halloween sale.

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