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Deadlight - Zombies on Steam

By Bis18marck7005-10-2012

The Zombie-infested side-scroller Deadlight will find its way on to Steam October 25. While at first meant for Xbox 360, Tequila Works promised to bring forth a PC port with improved graphics and a new ‘nightmare mode’ as part of a package that also includes the game’s soundtrack.

“Deadlight arrives on Steam just in time for Halloween, with a dedicated version for PC including improved graphics, a new nightmare mode and the full OST.”

An official price still needs to be set but if you still haven’t had enough of Zombies and the like, keep an eye out for this title.

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Posts: 223

Haha Last of Us on PC would be nice but there's more chance of seeing Half Life 3 as a 3DS exclusive :p

Posts: 1548

Lets start gathering +'s. Maybe we can get a petition going? :D

Posts: 237

Damn! Good news! +1 for Last of Us! :D

Posts: 1548

Yeeeey. I really wanted this game on PC. Now if just The Last of Us was released on PC too I can die happy :P