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Deadliest Warriors Invade November 14

By MrJenssen09-11-2013

The decision to make an expansion for Chivalry that merged its fast-paced and gritty combat with Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior show, is an ingenious idea. Whoever came up with it deserves a medal for the outstandingly awesome idea. In case you don't know what the Deadliest Warrior expansion brings, check out the details here and the new factions/classes here. In short, you have various historic warrior archetypes duking it out in various environments. Spartans, Ninjas, Pirates, Vikings...you get the deal. All with their own unique weapons, strengths/weaknesses and special abilities.

"Each warrior has a unique arsenal and abilities, which promotes more variety in play styles and forces players to adapt their strategy to the situation."

In case you like numbers, here is a quick list of all the goodies you'll be getting with the expansion:

30 new weapons
5 all-new classes with new character models and new voice overs
30 new helmets and accessories
36 new emblem packs with over 135 emblems
6 all-new maps with variants
6 total game modes with 2 new modes
6 teams with limitless class combinations per team
37 stats tracked per weapon, per class for a total of over 3500 tracked stats

The beta version of the expansion has been available to anyone pre-ordering it for quite some time, but it seems that Torn Banner Studios are now finally ready to kick it out the door and call it done. According to the trailer embedded above, the Deadliest Warrior expansion is officially out on November 14. In case your fingers are already starting to feel itchy, you can pre-order and play the beta. That, or you could just scratch your finger and wait until November 14.

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