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Deadliest Expansion Detailed

By MrJenssen27-08-2013

We've already gotten a feisty trailer for the upcoming Deadliest Warrior expansion that aims to add more content to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. But for some reason, it's first now that Torn Banner are officially announcing it, in their blog. Although only the Spartans and Samurai have been revealed so far, there's four additional factions, of sorts, yet to be announced for the $15 expansion pack.

"We are very excited to expand upon the foundation of Chivalry and bring dynamic melee combat to all new eras. For us it is an opportunity to explore completely new warrior types, environments and weapons and add them to the already expansive Chivalry content while still supporting the base game."

Along with the factions are six brand new maps in different environments, and a few new and/or modified game modes:

-Mixed Team Death MatchMix and match warriors to create extraordinary teams and unique battle situations with up 64 players on the battlefield at once.

-Faction BattleSet up grudge matches between two warrior factions with only one warrior type per team. Players vote on the scenario for the next battle at the end of each match.

-Warrior DuelSelect your warrior and challenge a single enemy to one-on-one combat in this comprehensive new duel mode.

-Free for AllFight for your own glory in a free-for-all where warrior fends for themselves. No teams. No alliances. Full-on mayhem.

-Custom Battles: Server side options allowing you to create custom battles with any number of teams and any number of factions or mixed teams allowed.

In addition to these modes, you'll also be able to throw in some modifications, like removing the ability to respawn, adding in a CTF-element or turning a team deathmatch round into a multi-team deathmatch mode, where up to six different teams duke it out against each other. Total chaos, in other words.

The expansion is slated for release sometime later this fall, at a price of $15. For those who simply can't wait that long, showing up at PAX Prime (booth 3636) between August 30 and September 2 will let you try out a playable demo featuring the two currently unveiled factions.

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