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Deadliest Classes Revealed

By MrJenssen16-09-2013

The new expansion for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is well on the way, and we've already gotten to know two of the classes and some other details about it from before.

Now, PC Gamer have gotten some juicy inside info on the remaining classes. Joining the mighty Spartans and Samurai, Deadliest Warrior will let us play as vikings, pirates, ninjas and knights. Sounds an awful lot similar to the Source-mod Pirates, Vikings & Knights 2. Except with more awesome combat!

According to PCG, the new classes will have historical weapons, a thematic map and some special abilities unique to each one of them. The Viking can go into a berserk-mode, pirates can regain health by jugging down a bottle of rum, ninjas can perform a forward-roll and so on. They all of course, have their own strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered in combat. The expansion clearly aims to continue the tradition of keeping battles balanced and brutal.

No release date is announced as of yet, but the official site teases that it's "coming soon". A beta is supposedly also right around the corner.

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Posts: 1317

Samurai = Ninja?

Samurai AND Ninja.

You better get your head checked out.

Posts: 341

Since fucking when is a Samurai = Ninja? SERIOUSLY, my head hurts.

Badass poorhitreg expansion pack, cant wait Jenssen!

Posts: 3290

But the real question. Can you have ninja Vikings?

Posts: 1317

This has got to be the most badass expansion pack to date.