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Deadfall in the Fall

By Bobfish13-06-2013

In a disappointing, but equally uplifting, turn of events, Nordic Games have announced that Deadfall Adventures will be pushed back to September. Not the June 30th we originally reported on. However, this change has come about due to a desire to polish and add more to the game. It seems that the acquisition of all those former THQ properties has encouraged them to up their game, as Reinhard Pollice of Nordic Games put it:

"This is our most ambitious game to date and we're working very closely alongside The Farm 51 to make sure that Deadfall Adventures provides players with seamless action and puzzle-solving experience. Holding back the game's release until September is the right decision for us to ensure that the content included offers the greatest value for players, which it certainly will."

Further to this, Wojciech Pazdur, Development Director at Farm 51, who are actually developing the game, added some extremely promising comments of his own.

"Adding the new survival cooperation mode adds even more content to the game which is always going to be a bonus for players. The new mode will be both challenging and engaging and players will be able to jump straight into the game toget the best of the action."

Co-op you say? Now then, that's something you don't see every day. At least, not in an adventure game. Better yet, we have some tasty new images to keep you happy in the interim. Take a look down below and leave your thoughts on this in the box below that.

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Well, yeah, but you see my point

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I believe it's the other way around. Tomb Raider is Indiana Jones with a woman.

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About that, yeah. The bit that really irks me is how they applaud Uncharted for being so original...despite the dev team openly stating they wanted to make Tomb Raider with a man. That was their entire selling point right from the beginning.

By the way, Tomb Raider with a man? That's called Indiana Jones

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Hey, this is that Polish game, right? The one that, when they first posted a trailer a good while ago, a bunch of moronic youtube commenters started saying it was an Uncharted ripoff. Dafuq? Yeah, uncharted apparently invented Jngle exploration, Aztec culture and treasure hunting....