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Dead Space - The Same Old Story

By Bobfish27-12-2012

EA have graced us with a short video giving a recap on the history of the series. And it's actually worth watching even for people, like myself, who are intimately familiar with the earlier games. It goes into more details than just a bullet point of "Isaac did this, then he broke dat, den he did dis", it also does into the history of the markers and the general setting of the games. I was actually a little impressed whilst watching it, and surprised that there was something more substantial.

However.  Something that didn't surprise me, not even a little bit. Depressed and pissed me off perhaps, but not surprised, is that the imminent arrival of the playable demo for Dead Space 3. Soon to be available for the 360, then the Playstation 3 a week later. But no PC demo of course. Why would we want anything like that? Come on EA, get your heads out of your arses.

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Posts: 3290

Yeah, the video is actually pretty interesting. I think it's referencing things that happened in the novels. I know there are at least two that take place before, long before, the events of the game

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That was cool though I'd like them to go into more detail.