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Dead Space 3 Solo and Co-op

By Mokman14-12-2012

A new trailer has been released named the "Two ways of playing Dead Space 3", essentially a short video showing scenes from both solo play and co-op play. In terms of solo play, it shows nothing new, simply more scenes of graphic monster dismemberment and shambling beasts. However, in the co-op portion, we see interesting mechanics hinted at, where one of the players would play as dementia-battling John Carver, and would be assaulted by hallucinations throughout the game. This gives rise to the question of how this would affect the gameplay, as well as the patience of the other player.

Drop-in, drop-out online co-op is possible, but knowing how bowel-voidingly scary Dead Space games are, you may want to play this in the same room with a friend instead. Some people have voiced concern though that putting in co-op play may dilute somewhat the atmosphere and mood created by the game, as it would face a much harder time putting fear into player's hearts. What do you think?

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Dead Space & Dead Space 2 ... Well lit room otherwise just no. Hope Dead Space 3 will keep it up

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I can't wait for Dead Space 3 now. I love... and absolutely LOVE co-op gameplay!!! I think more games should be made in co-op to be honest, I simply cannot get enough of it lol! But yeah, exciting stuff, especially for a game like Dead Space 3