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Dead Space 3 Just a Straight Port

By Leigh Cobb23-01-2013

PC gamers, don't set your hopes too high for a fully fledged and well made version of Dead Space 3, as EA have confessed that the game will be a straight port for your computer. No DirectX 11 support, no higher resolution textures and no enhancements over the console versions. Which is... disappointing to say the least.

This news comes on top of the recent reports that Dead Space 3 will feature micro transactions, allowing you to buy upgrades with real world cash. Dead Space 3 to me is looking like a less attractive proposition each day. A no effort port, nickel and diming and inevitably tons of subpar and expensive DLC.

It seems like a continuous stream of bad news and mishaps for EA recently, they seem to attract bad press whatever they do. What do you think of EA's recent moves and the upcoming Dead Space 3?

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Why? Just why?

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So it will be like DS2. Wich is acceptable.