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Dead Space 3 Dev-Team Edition

By NeonAnderson14-01-2013

Want the ultimate Dead Space 3 retail experience? Well look no further then! The Dead Space 3 Dev-Team Edition has been revealed in the video above. While it definitely looks like a glorified Collector's Edition, it does have quite a bit more than most Collector's Editions do, thus perhaps why the EA marketing team decided to call it something else to signify that it provides more than just a Collector's Edition would.

On top of the video, there is also a website about the Dev-Team Edition, which can be found here. Good news though for PC gamers is that unlike most current day Collector's Editions, this one is available for PC! The official site makes it clear that they have only made 5,000 of these and shows that the Dev-Team stuff can be purchased with or without the game included. With the game the official site lists it at 160 US Dollars, without the game the price is 100 US Dollars.

The bad news here though is that at the moment it only appears to be available at the official EA Gear site in America, with international shipment to the UK costing 100 USD!

For those in America or those in Europe who are willing to pay the shipping costs (please let us know in the comments if you find it available at a European based store), the Dev-Team includes the following:

  • 8-inch Black Marker Statue: Dead Space 3 will finally reveal the purpose of marker, thus why it was chosen as the statue for this title
  • Aluminium Data Pad: A notepad filled with scribbles of artwork showing various things from the game such as ships, characters, Necromorphs and aliens
  • Med Pack Water Bottle: My personal favourite, a transparent blue 14-oz water bottle with a flip spout lid that is designed to look like a Med Pack from the game
  • Bound SCAF Jotter: The journal from Doctor Earl Serrano filled with 20 pages of notes about his Marker research
  • SCAF Posters: Three 12x5-inch vintage feeling posters printed on 80-pound paper – impressive!
  • Peng Postcards: 6 vintage post cards, traditionally sent across the colonies to boost troop moral
  • 96 Page Mini-Art Book: An amazing collection of stunning concept art that was used in the production of Dead Space 3, these are exclusively available for the public eyes only in the Dev-Team Edition!

Pictures of all the stuff included are also visible in the gallery bellow.

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I want >_<

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What? Why would they call it like that? It sounds like something for developers.