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Dead Mice

By BloodyFanGirl18-10-2013

Earlier this week we saw the release of Windows 8.1. The latest system update staggered in, causing lots of users a lot of problems, before throwing up on our shoes. It's not looking like the best start for Windows 8.1.

Users on Reddit have said that this update has brought so much mouse lag with it that some PC game titles have been rendered unplayable. Games affected by this system screw up include S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Metro: Last Light to name but a few.

The issue seems to have arisen from 8.1's new DPI framework for multi-monitor set ups. This has interfered with how the OS communicates with the mouse and has therefore lead to lag. One user on the subreddit linked above reported that their mouse's polling rate (for the less technologically knowledgeable among you - such as myself – that's essentially how often your mouse bounces information back to your PC) had dropped from 1000hz to just 125hz. That's a lot of lag.

The subreddit documenting this issue also has a few fixes though they won't work for everyone. Here's one method you can try though:

1. Right click the EXE of the game in question

2. Go to properties

3. Go to the compatibility tab

4. Tick the box marked 'run this program in compatibility mode for' and select 'Windows 8'

5. Tick 'disable scaling on high DPI settings'

6. Tick 'run this program as an administrator'

Let us know if you've been affected by this. What games have been affected for you? Did the method above fix the problem for you? Feel free to share the pain in the comments below.

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Posts: 3290

Yeah, that's my point. Microsoft's problem is that they're trying to be everything to everyone. it just doesn't work that way. More features never means anything more than more things that can, and will, go wrong

Posts: 267

Unfortunately there is often no perfect choice. While Vista had a lot of problems, if you had more than 4 GB of RAM, Win XP 64-bit was even worse. When SP1 appeared and drivers started rolling, Vista became quite usable.

Posts: 3290

@NAG: You make some valid points. But, well, Service Pack 1 was a good update for Vista. It still didn't stop Vista being a train wreck. It was just good in context

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Win 8.1 is actually a good update for Win 8. They have made the interface much more friendly to mouse controls. For gaming performance - Win 8 kernel and DX11.2 are good things. The handling of different DPI displays is the required feature these days and it's bad to see such kind of problematic side to it. Hopefully there will be something done about this as neither dropping it nor dropping backwards compatibility are good ideas.

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I updated my win 8 laptop earlier, and it decided to delete 2 drivers on the system, and alter the UEFI bios to disable secure boot. It left an annoying logo down bottom right of desktop. Useless pile or dodo

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Windows 8 is the gamer's Windows huh?

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Oh, Microsoft.