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Dead Island 2 Not Quite Ready To Rise Yet

By KenpoJuJitsu305-05-2015

Yo jurors! Sometimes it seems as though this last year or two has been a cycle of delays. Well, here comes (see above) another one.

Dead Island 2 is delayed until an unspecified time in 2016. The developers have decided that the game isn't where they want it to be, so they are going to take more time to make it as good as they can make it. I'm OK with this. The trend for a while now has been for games to be pushed out to releasein varying states of awful ranging from being plagued with annoying bugs and performance issues to just being outright unplayable.

So with that said, I'm OK with a game being delayed to get it right. In fact the next two months have several games releasing that were delayed to get it right and we'll be able to see if the wait was worth it soon. Soon, soon, and soon...

What say you jurors? Excited that Yager Development are taking their time with Dead Island 2? Or in Light of this news do you find yourself...Dying a bit on the inside? Let us know in the comments.

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Yeah, people really don't get that.

The last part I mean, about Saint's Row

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Yager really need to mix up the formula of the Dead Island series. Dying Light came out and blew me away - it felt like a more refined version of the first 2 Dead Island games, so Dead Island 2 not only needs to be as fun and as polished as Dying Light, it needs to feel different to prevent it being classed as a poor man's Dying Light - even though Dead Island created the first person, survival horror, co-op, RPG, shooter!

If I remember correctly, the announcement trailer was pretty tongue in cheek. It didn't take itself too seriously, so maybe that's what it takes to separate DI and DL. Dead Island can be the Saint's Row of the open world zombie genre and Dying Light can be GTA. Saint's Row has always been self aware - it's actually become a parody of itself. GTA is the more serious of the two.