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DC Universe Takes a Shot at Adding More Powers

By KenpoJuJitsu315-04-2015

Yo jurors! If you're a fan of superheroes, comic books and MMO's then you're aware of the big two superhero MMOs available right now: Champions Online and DC Universe Online.

One of the knocks against DCUO for a bit now, is that it's missing some of the power sets available in its competition. Well, scratch one of those power sets off the list because the munitions powerset has been added to the game. These new powers are available to subscribers of the game while also being available as a one time purchase for F2P players.

These powers consist of turrets, rocket launchers, shotguns, grenades, sniper rifles, etc. with a focus on crowd control and self buffs and enemy debuffs. Nasty stuff here.

What say you jurors? Got room in your gaming schedule for more boom? Or does the thought of DCUO give you less pew pew and more QQ? Let us know in the comments.

For more news on this and other games, shoot on over to Pixel Judge. This news is adjourned.

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