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DC Universe Online Welcomes Amazon Fury Part I DLC

By JcDent13-05-2014

DC Universe Online is a superhero MMORPG where you play a regular shmuck that has been gifted heroic powers through nanite copy-pasting. Yeah, I know. Anyways, the game has finally received a DLC and it‘s called Amazon Fury Part I. Knowing how well the Amazons Attack storyline went in the comics, one can only shudder in fear.

The story goes that Brainiac attacked Temiscera, the island of the Amazons, and their queen, blaming regular people for this shit she has to put up with, launched an invasion of Gotham. Meanwhile, her daughter and little known, possibly female heroine Wonder Woman rallies Amazons that are loyal to her to hold back her mom. It‘s basically a catfight.

The DLC brings forth an alternative Gotham under siege as well as various instances, dungeons and whatever they like to call things in DCUO. You can also play ‘Visions’ where you control Wonder Woman or her mommy‘s new ally, Circe. It would probably be a hoot if DCOU had been a better game.

What I am saying is that NONE OF YOUR ARE BETTER THAN CITY OF HEROES *sob*

The DLC is free for subscribers and costs nine pounds/eight euros for regular folks. So that‘s that.

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