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DC Universe MOBA Announced

By NeonAnderson25-03-2013

It seems no brand, series or franchise is immune to being turned into a MOBA nowadays. With the latest MOBA announced by Warner Bros, coined Infinite Crisis, it will be based within the DC Universe.

So far not much has been revealed about it yet, but it seems like players will be able to play as iconic DC Universe characters, such as Batman and Catwoman. So far we do know there will be different skins for these characters but as it is not yet known if it is a F2P or pay once title, it is unclear if these are simply visual skins or also entail different ability sets.

Once more details are out we will be sure to keep you, our valuable readers, informed about it. Until then enjoy the video released for the title and the alpha screenshot gallery below. It has also been confirmed that this title is for the PC.

If you are interested in the beta you can already register for it here.

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First comment on my own news post ftw! :P Jokes aside, I just wanted to say that while the MOBA genre "feels" like it is getting too many games (like the Zombie genre) I couldn't disagree more. Especially since the MOBA genre is such a new genre in terms of having standalone titles. As far as I know it is the newest genre there is in games. So I always look forward to new titles in it that have the potential of adding new features and moving the genre forward to the future. Which so far the biggest title to have done that is Smite as they took the MOBA genre into a whole new domain by moving the perspective down to the ground level third person view and made the gameplay completely from the ground up to suit that perspective.