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By Bobfish28-01-2013

Zombies, as I'm sure you know, are all the rage at the moment. There's The War Z, which didn't do so well, but moving on. The Walking Dead, comics, games and a TV series starring the man who made me want to be a teacher. He was just so much like me, after watching the first episode I was like "OMG Simon! You are exactly what I want to be in life!" Then, when I found out a work colleague of mine knew Andrew Lincoln (the character he played was called Simon) personally I was like D:

But where was I? Oh yes, zombie love stories. The upcoming Warm Bodies, about a zombie that meets a girl, falls in love, and starts coming back to life. I think. And, of course, there's the DayZ. So, no surprise at all then. That zombies are popular I mean. The DayZ in particular. So, it should be no surprise, again, that another DayZ mod is in the works. Called DayZ Origins, it runs on a modified and adapted version of the community map Taviana. It remains unfinished at time of writing, but is, nevertheless, already available for download here.

There's a strong emphasis on teamwork for survival, with an enigmatically named "Patient Zero" mob. Some kind of mutated 'super' zombie. From the name, quite likely the origin (see what they did there?) of the whole mess in the first place. With a promise that "Capturing/killing this zombie might have the cure for the zombie infection." Tense stuff indeed. I have a feeling this is going to be a(nother) one to watch for sure.


ARMA  DayZ  Mod 
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Could have easily dropped 3/4 of this post. I came here for news not your blog.

DayZ is awesome and this looks quite interesting.