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DayZ of Hacking

By BloodyFanGirl16-05-2014

It has recently come to light that DayZ has indeed been hacked. Whilst the Reddit rumour mill stated that the game’s source code had been taken, this has not yet been confirmed or denied by Bohemia Interactive. The developer is currently investigating just how extensive the attack was though they have asserted that it was not a serious enough attack to affect players or development of the game.

A representative said: “We have recently detected an attack on some of our servers, the precise nature and scope of this attack is currently being extensively investigated. There were no user data on any of the servers. Current development goals and schedules for our games will not be affected by this attack.”

“More information will follow as our investigation continues.”

Bohemia seems much calmer than one would expect if their source code had been stolen (as that could lead to all kinds of hacking and botting within DayZ). However, Bohemia also admit that they don’t have a complete picture of the situation as of yet and so perhaps they’re reserving their panic for later if this attack is as bad as the Reddit rumour mill says it is.

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