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DayZ Creator Takes to Reddit

By NeonAnderson18-01-2013

Image courtesy of Eurogamer

Dean Hall (Rocket), the creator behind the ARMA 2 mod “DayZ”, has taken to Reddit to answer people’s questions and shed light on some personal issues he has been facing recently as a result of the War Z game. The Reddit AMA can be viewed in its entirety here.

As it turns out from his answers on Reddit, it seems his family and friends have sometimes confused the DayZ with the War Z and gone to the extreme lengths of accusing Rocket of unethical business behaviour! As such, Rocket is appealing for consumers to be more cautious as to whom they give their money to as the consequences that other people and other consumers have to bear can be quite vast. Not only is Rocket suffering as a result of the War Z and its highly similar name, but Rocket fears that if consumers keep paying for sub-par gaming products, then other developers and publishers will also see no reason to deliver quality games.

In addition to the issues caused by the War Z, Rocket has also discussed the possibility of a DayZ mod on ARMA 3. While he has no plans to port it over to ARMA 3, he would love to see some dedicated modders bring the DayZ mod to ARMA 3. Rocket however, wants to focus his time on the stand-alone DayZ game and on a new mod project for ARMA 3, possibly a Sci-Fi based mod. Talking about the stand-alone DayZ game, Rocket did not reveal any estimate yet on its release other than that it is “close”.

Rocket also talked about the potential idea of a DayZ sequel (presuming the first stand-alone is a success) on consoles or Steambox:

“I've got two "ultimate game ideas" that I have wanted to make for many years, and I'm hoping this is my ticket to fund and develop them completely myself and make them the way I want, with no marketing department input. So I'd probably be more interested personally in pursuing these once DayZ is 1.0.

But sequels are really just a numbers game. If the idea is still fresh, I hope the harsh approach of DayZ spawns a sequel, so long as that sequel tried something new and fresh (but with the same flavor) on, say, the PS4 and/or the Steambox. I mean, why not? But I'm not sure how involved I would be with that.”

If anything, to hear that Rocket is suffering due to the scandal that is War Z, makes me feel quite sorry for Rocket and hate the War Z creators even more. My only hope is that once the DayZ stand-alone is released, everyone will finally forget about War Z and its creators can disappear from the gaming scene for good.

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Posts: 67

Damn it, he sure didn't deserve this.

Posts: 596

Really sucks though for him that he is being hurt by some stupid scam game. Really bothers me for some reason.

Posts: 3290

This is really sad

Posts: 1548

Yeah that's a bummer but its always going to go like this. There are more uninterested people who are uninformed and just pick up the loudest rumors.