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DayZ Trucking Along Development

By Merc16-02-2013

Day Z went from an extremely popular mod, to being developed into a fully fledged game. It has been insightful to watch the development over time, it also is looking like a lot of fun. Not long ago some gameplay was shown and it was already looking better than the mod, which it should. So a nice update has been given for Day Z, and there will be many more to come. First and foremost the team developing the game is expanding. Closed multiplayer is already underway, which is really exciting.

One of the complaints leveled at the popular mod was the extreme amount of cheating by players. This will hopefully be resolved in the new game because they are using an mmo style server setup. Character development is also another aspect that is going to evolve, actually there is none in the mod. Players will be able to completely change the way they look now. Next up (thank God), is the inventory system. This is one of the biggest complaints for the mod and it sounds like it will be completely overhauled. IF you would liekt o see the whole article detaileing these changes, here you go. If any of you have played the Day Z mod, are you looking forward to the new game? Let us know in the comments.

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