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DayZ Makes All the Money

By CameronW07-01-2014

Dean “Rocket” Hall and Bohemia's advertising campaign for DayZ seems to be nothing but stating that the game isn't finished and that you shouldn't buy it. Even that hasn't stopped over 800,000 people from spending their hard earned money to get into the game's alpha only 21 days since its release on Steam’s Early Access program. That's like, $23,000,000.  You could buy 49 million copies of Bad Rats on sale with that money.

Dean Hall throws some information around on Reddit, specifically the ridiculous amounts of money he's raking in:

"We (Bohemia and I) had very ambitious plans for 2014 already, however this amount of sales was completely unexpected. Honestly, 250k within a quarter was what I would have considered a success. So to move nearly 800,000 in under a month is crazy."

So it's pretty clear that DayZ fever isn't quite done yet, and once vehicles are added in I’m willing to bet the sales figures will jump somewhere about the elevendy billion mark. That's a number, trust me.

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