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Day-Z Devblog: Handcuff other Players!

By Mokman09-09-2013

Yet another Day-Z Devblog has hit the site, showcasing even more aspects and improvements on the hotly-awaited zombie/player murdering simulator. This time it features improvements made over the game after player feedback at Gamescom, as well as "demonstration of the degradation and item damage system, ballistic vests, and even player restraints!". Wait, what? Player restraints? Oh dear. It's like they're asking for trouble.

First things first, the camera has been greatly improved, especially during the crawling animations - especially in third-person mode which no true Day-Z player would stoop to. However, it is great that they have thought of such things. Furthermore, they have worked on the reloading mechanism, explaining why some of the more esoteric aspects are as they are due to realism and the economy of 'commodities', as well as a very interesting physical process for the act of reloading weapons.

Also, boots degrade now, so have fun running away from zombies in half-rotten footwear, eventually getting foot injury and being ripped apart alive. A ballistic vest has been added too, because people are... not very nice. Lastly, speaking of people not being nice, yes, player restraints have been added for extra rage. Let the circus begin. Anyway, check out the full video above!

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