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Dawngate Site – Reveals Unannounced EA MOBA

By NeonAnderson18-05-2013

While the game has yet to receive an official announcement, the site has already gone live and was spotted on Twitter; this game will be a MOBA from Waystone Games and will be their first game. The company is owned by EA.

Superannuation spotted the site and posted it on Twitter. It is probably a company error as the game has not yet been announced by EA and the site is not yet fully functional. As such, I would also recommend not registering for the beta yet through the site until it has officially been announced.

Despite the site not yet functioning yet it does have some details already about the game. It will be Waystone Games first game and it will be a MOBA, it does not yet say if it will be free or paid. It does say though that it will be well-balanced and will have a flexible meta with community-driven story and content. In addition, they are promoting themselves as students of games who have analysed what games are, what they have been and what they can become. Their goal from this is to then make a contribution to what games can become.

It all sounds pretty good already but we will have to wait and see what comes from it and what EA says about the game once they finally announce it.

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Unfortunately, they spread themselves so far that, somehow, they still make enough money to keep making more crap

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EA wants a piece of every pie....too bad they're absolutely crap when it comes to cooking tasty pies...

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So EA wants a peace of the pie too?