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Darksiders 2 Extends with Argu's Tomb

By StuntmanLT20-09-2012

As promised THQ are releasing the new Darksiders 2 DLC named Argul’s Tomb. The DLC will be set in two new icy dungeons and will feature new bosses and new legendary loot. If you’ve got the Limited Edition or have preordered the game you should be getting it free of charge, otherwise it will set you back $6.99/€5.49/£4.39.

The price seems to be very reasonable so unless it’s a 5 minute dungeons, THQ seem to be offering a really good deal here. If you need more of your Darksiders fix you can grab this DLC on Tuesday, 25th of September.

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Well, i really hope it will be good! :D One is a "shooter" section, the other is a mostly puzzle section. As for the Legendary loot, they really need to give some really strong ones cause possessed weapons can owerpower any other non possessed weapon, let it be elite or legendary.