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Darkness Within

By BloodyFanGirl21-11-2014

No, it's not The Evil Within DLC. In fact, Darkness Within came sometime before, originally it was released for PC in 2007. Now it's back with a new lick of paint on the Steam store, here. The Lovecraftian, point-and-click, horror game centres around police detective Howard E. Loreid as he tries to solve the murder of Clark Field, a rich man with connections to the occult. Things take a turn for the worse when Loreid finds himself at Wellsmoth Mental Institution, suspended from all of his cases as he has apparently had a mental break down. Loreid is reluctant to give up on the case though, especially when he is so anxious to follow his number one suspect, P.I. Loath Nolder. But things can only get weirder from here...

And that's just the first game. You see, this game's full name is Darkness Within 1: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder and it's getting a polished up re-release ahead of developer Zoetrope Interactive prepare a director's cut edition of Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage. The director's cut will also make its way to Steam shortly. Zoetrope Interactive have updated both games for newer operating systems and they have improved the graphics as well. On top of that they've added Steam achievements, new puzzles and environments. Galip Kartoglu of Zoetrope Interactive says that the process has been immensely enjoyable, so much so that he said, "After years of a focus outside of making games, we're feeling a strong pull to get back into game development. Who knows, maybe one day there might be a 'Darkness Within 3', depending on the reception these two classics are given by the Steam audience. Either way, we're very excited to see our work debut on Steam today."

The first Darkness Within game is available for less than a fiver right now. The price has had a 15% launch discount but it won't last forever so, if you're interested in this game, you best snap it up.

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