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Darkest Dungeon's and the Cove

By drcoolio34528-07-2015

Red Hook Studio's debut game, Darkest Dungeon, has made changes to the UI, the classes, the core gameplay, and everything that makes a game a game, but the one area that Red Hook has yet to update is possibly the most anticipated of them all: locations.

For as long as Darkest Dungeon has been playable, the ruins, the weald, and the warrens have been the only locations available, with the cove and the games namesake, The Darkest Dungeon, being locked away to be added in later.

Red Hook launched The Corpse and the Hound update just this month which added in the houndmaster class and corpses that make combat positioning even more important than before, but there hasn't been much information about the other locations or what's in them. Thanks to the Darkest Dungeon wiki, we have some idea what Interactibles might be in the Cove, but as far as enemies, visuals, or bosses go, we're still clueless.

The cove is planned for release later in the Summer based on this tweet by Red Hook. But as far as exact dates go, we're still in the Dark.

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This is one of the best games I've backed so far.