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Dark Souls to "Functional" Souls

By drcoolio34521-05-2014

Oh Dark Souls 1, I remember it like it was yesterday, getting invaded in the Undead Burg, in the forest, all while reading classy messages like "chest ahead, try using both hands" in front of Princess Gwynevere. This multiplayer experience makes the good game of Dark Souls into the great game of Dark Souls, but we might have to kiss the multiplayer community goodbye soon.

Games for Windows Live has been planning to mostly shut down on this upcoming July 1st, and if that happens then that means no more invading, no more jolly cooperation, and no more messages. Despite this though, Bandai Namco, the minds behind Dark Souls, have promised that "Dark Souls will remain fully functional on GFWL for the foreseeable future". The big question is what exactly does "functional" mean here.

GFWL and Bandai Namco seem to have contradictory news here, which has Dark Souls players sweating a bit. With Dark Souls 2 doing amazingly on PC, and the subsequent surge in Dark Souls 1 players, maybe GFWL will change their minds about abandoning Dark Souls. We'll only know the fate of Dark Souls 1 for sure after July 1st when GFWL shuts down, but Dark Souls wouldn't be the same without the online community, that's for sure.

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Posts: 3290

That's not such a bad thing in the short term I guess. Gives me more time to get the Gamescore

Posts: 81

Fix this crap Namco/From Software. This game on the PC is pathetic. Even with GFWL, I haven't been able to sign in for over a month. I always have to do some bull**** fix and then a week later, my efforts were wasted when a new patch arrives.

So tired of having to make compromises to play this game.