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Dark Souls - The Beauty of 60FPS

By Bis18marck7018-09-2012

Although Dark Souls has been celebrated by the gaming community, the PC port had all sorts of problems causing wide spread disappointment among those who had played it on console and new gamers who had been persuaded to buy the game due to the positive reviews.

Yet, never let it be said that the PC community is a brainless, whining and arrogant bunch of creatures that have lost all decency and intelligence. No, a small part of them lives on as valuable members of this society and this 1% choose to fix the problems instead of complaining about them. The modders’ restoration of the Dark Souls PC version has now broken new ground by what seems to be a working 60fps patch – previous attempts to break the 30fps lock have failed, as the game went into a sort of double-clipping-turbo-mode making it even harder than it already was.

Now, before you read on, please remember that this fix is still in alpha which means: Back up any saves if you choose to run the modification. It’s easily done. Should something go wrong with the patch and if you didn’t make an extra copy of the saves, then it’s your own fault. Yes, it really is.

So, to get your hands on the fix you first need to install Durate’s DSFix – if you haven’t done so already. That will remove the ridiculous 720p restriction. On top of that, get the GFWL protector disabler - Some scattered reports also indicate that using the GFWL protector disabler will also enable you to play Dark Souls online with the 60fps fix. Anyway, once you’ve done this, you can download said 60fps fix from here and keep up to date with it all on the Steam forums.

All installed? Working? Great! Prepare to die - a lot.

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Well, I'll wait until it's less likely to screw up my saves - I can stand the 30 FPS in the meantime. But, man, as someone who played this on PS3 first - and subsequently stopped because it didn't feel nearly as fluid as Demon's Souls in a lot of areas (plus other games came out and I got distracted) - the difference graphically and with a far better framerate (maybe Blighttown is now physically possible?) is fantastic. When this gets in a better working state online it'll be the next thing to make it better. If only something could be done about the online hackers - my first invasion was by one but he hilariously took ages to kill me - then the game would be perfect.