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Dark Souls: Shoot Yourself in the Foot Edition (Updated)

By KenpoJuJitsu323-12-2014

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Hey jurors! Long time no see (not really). Some of you might remember a game published by Namco Bandai called Dark Souls that was released on PC in 2012. You might also remember that this game, while being a great RPG on consoles, was an absolute mess on PC featuring subpar mouse support, a lack of texture filtering, a locked rendering resolution of 1280x720, a lack of ambient occlusion, a locked framerate of 30fps, etc. When the news broke of just how abysmal the PC port of Dark Souls was much of the PC gaming community wrote the game off...


Within days, modder Peter "Durante" Thoman came up with a patch known as "DSFix" that unlocked the game to the PC standard 60fps, allowed the game to be rendered at any resolution, added options to alter the ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing, texture filtering, depth of field, etc. With this patch the game was consider fixed by most of the PC community (with no help from to the original developers or publisher) and it went on to be one of the more financially successful RPGs on the PC platform which was great news for From Software and Namco Bandai.

Durante would support the patch for the next two years until Dark Souls was patched to remove Games for Windows Live in favor of Steamworks. A side effect of this update was that DSFix no longer worked properly and the game was largely returned to its sad launch state. Durante quickly fixed this issue as well by releasing a new version of DSFix. And now after two years of supporting his patch which, stated bluntly, is about the only thing making the game remotely playable on PC...wait for it...

...Namco Bandai has issued a take down order on the DSFix?

You're reading that correctly, Namco is flat out trying to stop the circulation of a free fan made patch that makes their game enjoyable for people who have and/or would buy their game without incurring any form of development cost whatsoever.

Bravo Namco.

What say you jurors? Is Namco guilty of brazen stupidity or innocent of the charge of having common sense? Let us know in the comments.

For more news on this and other games, keep invading Pixel Judge. This news is adjourned.


Update: Turns out it was all just one big "misunderstanding". Namco Bandai says it hired a third party entity to try and scrub the existence of a Dark Souls debug mode from the internet...

We're going to roll right by the absurdity of trying to remove anything from the internet as though that idea was never mentioned...

As is commonly the case these days, this is how this supposedly went down. Big corporation hires separate company to handle some matter that the corporation is too busy to deal with. Said company takes a shotgun approach to handling the matter. Collateral damage ensues. Frustration and hilarity ensues. Big corporation has to issue a pseudo-apology to affected parties. Big corporation learns from this and proceeds to never...on second thought, this last bit never happens...

In this case the third-party company, File Defense Service, went after seemingly anything that affected Dark Souls in an attempted to squash the debug code. This effort inadvertently included targeting the insanely popular and nigh-mandatory DSFix. Namco Bandai is currently in the process of doing damage control and having Dropbox restore Durante's account so that the patch can be re-uploaded, which would be great if it hadn't already been updated hours ago in multiple different locations... But at least they got that pesky debug code removed from the internet. Right? Riiiiiiiiiiiight?

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Posts: 1

So, who have the debug .exe? I really need it.

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Posts: 3290


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Is it Japanese devs or is it just a coincident? (SEGA, Capcom, Nintendo and now Namco)

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So dumb. So very dumb.

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I have the file for anyone who needs it. I mean, he's already hosting it elsewhere, but just in case