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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Full Details

By drcoolio34516-01-2015

Continuing the Dark Souls tradition of re-releasing the exact same game with a couple more hours of content and selling it as a totally separate game, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is hitting the market soon as the same game that Dark Souls II was, but with a couple more hours of content.

That being said, the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition was fantastic, and Scholar of the First Sin is adding some major changes to the base game in a similar fashion.

With Patch 1.10 (The patch leading up to Scholar of the First Sin), everybody will get and additional NPC, more story and events to play through, as well as more item descriptions and typical patch balance adjustments for free.

The big exclusive changes for people who buy the Scholar of the First Sin edition are new enemy placements, new "gameplay design," enhanced graphics, and more online players possible at any given time. Scholastic sinners will also be getting all three pieces of the Lost Crowns DLC along with the base game as part of the deal.

For a simple chart, you can check out the grid of Dark Souls II's official site here and check out pictures and full patch details of the new content here.

Still no word on what that Bed of Chaos looking thing (person?) is, but we'll just have to wait until February 4th when patch 1.10 drops to find out.

Scholar of the First Sin is out in stores April 4th for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. Look forward to it and keep praising that sun.

As a side note, the official Dark Souls Twitter account appears to be suspended at the moment. We will update with new details as they become available.

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